Jan 20, 2016


Jan 19, 2016

Manny Roman on Why He's Supporting Ted Cruz (video)

Senator Ted Cruz: ‘Our enemies are laughing at us’

On Fox News Sunday yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz ripped the Obama administration for its deal with Iran to return 10 U.S. Navy sailors. Cruz, a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, compared the arrangement to the deal that was brokered for the return of U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl...

Dec 21, 2014

White House Fears 'President Cruz'
Will Overturn Executive Amnesty...


White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer conceded that he fears a President Ted Cruz will overturn President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, perhaps signaling that Cruz represents the greatest threat to the progressive left. 

“Our first 100 days we spent a lot of time signing executive orders undoing what [President George W.] Bush did, and I would like not to be sitting on a beach somewhere reading about President [Ted] Cruz doing that to us, so it’s very important to us,” Pfeiffer told the Wall Street Journal on Friday. 

Earlier in the day, Pfeiffer declared that Obama’s executive amnesty was one of the reasons that made 2014 a “year of great progress” for the “progressive agenda.” He told the Journal that from the “perspective of advancing our agenda through our pen and our phone, this has been a tremendously successful year.” 

Cruz, a potential 2016 heavyweight, would run as a bold conservative. And the conservative Texas Senator has not been ambivalent in the least about wanting to repeal Obamacare and reverse Obama’s executive amnesty. 

Cruz has also, with his actions, made it clear that he isn’t the type of politician who campaigns as a conservative and then turns his back on the base as soon as he is elected. 

That, more than anything, is why the bipartisan permanent political class and Washington insiders despise him...

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Dec 17, 2014

CRUZ: 'I'm Not Trying to Play by the Washington Rules... I'm Trying to CHANGE the Rules'

Ted Cruz gave a great interview today on Special Report, explaining the events of this weekend and countering the lies about the nominees. He also addresses the criticisms he’s been getting from talking heads and also the apology he gave today.
And much more...

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